Entering the Monday morning mission field

I shared this image on my Facebook page tonight. It started some nice conversations about how that "Sunday night feeling" is less a sense of dread and more about having to do work Sunday night and get ready for Monday morning. There's a shift in mood from Sunday morning in which the whole day is ahead of you as you relax and enjoy your family, and then with each hour that passes, you realize you have papers that need to be graded before morning and you have to slowly wean yourself out of weekend mode and back into work mode.

A friend then messaged me with this:
Am I crazy for looking forward to Mondays? Teaching is hard. I get that. But it has always felt meaningful, like it's my mission field.

And with those simple words, I took a step back and reconsidered. Because when you approach your workplace as your mission field, it IS a lot more exciting.

You're anticipating and watchful, excited to see what God has planned for you next.

The aspects of your job that you might otherwise dread can be perceived as an opportunity to grow closer to God, to see what He wants to teach you, to allow yourself to be transformed from glory to glory into His image.

The weariness that comes with getting up early and having to give your all to the young ones in your care becomes contentment and a calm delight.

A sign like this one stands at the exit of my church's property.
On Monday morning, I'll choose to start my day with these thoughts, a song in my heart, and this prayer:

Lord, open my eyes to see the joys of being Your servant. Give me energy and enthusiasm, patience and long-suffering. Show me how You want to use me. Whatever may pass and whatever lies before me, let me be singing when the evening comes. Thank You for another day to be used by You in the mission field You've chosen for me.


CoraLee said...

Wow - what a powerful, encouraging prayer! I need that this week!

Linda said...

Yesterday (Sunday) I realized I still had papers in my school bag that needed attention... and decided that they would keep. I usually work so that I don't have weekend homework, and only rarely do any school work on Sundays. It's more of the looming feeling that there's a long, busy work week coming, so rest now!

I shared the picture on my FB page, and got a very interesting response - my uncle was the first one: "You make it sound like only teachers have feelings like that. I start to get the Monday shadow after church in the morning." He is a construction worker. A few others who work in a variety of places also posted that they have a "little dark cloud" regarding work coming on Monday. Most said they plan their Sunday afternoons and evenings based on what's coming Monday morning.

We are all - in all work - heading for the mission field!

Anonymous said...

It truly saddens me when I hear teachers complain about going to work on Mondays or even after a long holiday break. As educators we have the privilege of leading youth toward Christ in creative ways. The classroom is indeed our mission field. To not take our ultimate job of pointing others toward Christ seriously is to throw the Bible out the window. As teachers we should be stoked about starting the new week! After all, we are getting the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our students.