Not by might, nor by power...

...but by My Spirit, says the Lord Almighty.

Most of us can complete that sentence easily, maybe even hum the tune to the classic Leslie Phillips song that declares Zechariah 4:6. But how often do we practice that scripture? If we know that nothing is accomplished but by His Spirit, why do we try to make things happen in our own strength?

I think this verse applies especially to our work in the classroom. It is a natural tendency to think that kids with challenging behaviors should respond to our might and power, and it's often our first and last resort. Do it, because I said so! We are quick to impose our own authority over rule-breakers and rarely think to pray for God's authority over the situation. However, the real, true, and lasting change we're seeking is produced by the Spirit of the Lord, and it usually starts with change in our own hearts.

Father, help me to remember this week that You are the Almighty, the center of the universe, and everyone is made in You.


Michelle Johnson said...

I have a unique situation of subbing for special education classes that often have students in them that don't know how to behave at school. It is easy for me to think that I can control these students, but I can't. I'm only there for a day or so, and they think they'll never see me again, so they can behave anyway they want. It is interesting to say the least. I'm enjoying the challenge. It is interesting to say the least. :) I hope to have my own classroom next year.

Mike said...

Holy Smokes Angela! I'm just about to post something over on Teacher Food about the pointlessness of anger in response to student misbehavior. Then I come here and see this! I really don't believe God works through our power or might. I think he works through our wisdom, cunning, experience, love, and relentless unwillingness to give up on students.

Thanks so for posting this.