I'm not actually late with posting these wedding photos...

…assuming you agree to pretend with me that sharing them on our three-month anniversary was the plan all along. Since most of you dear readers are educators, I am confident that you, too, have mastered the art of Creating Alternative Reasoning for the Purpose of Disguising Personal Screw-Ups, and you are immediately empathetic toward my little ruse. Surely you have used this strategy with your class on more than one occasion, a la “I’ve decided to push back the math test to Monday because I want to give you one more day to study” [and also because I forgot to have the copies run during my break due to excessive gossiping around the soda machine]. So without further ado, I present my extremely well-planned September posting of the long-awaited wedding pics. Happy third (month) anniversary to us!

But wait! There’s more! Several dozen more, actually, on my Facebook fan page, which you can view here.


Michelle Johnson said...

Love them! You two look gorgeous! What a beautiful bride and wedding. :)

Mike said...

Goodness! You're take my breath away stunning. I'm excited for you and for your walk with Christ. May we all quit fighting so hard against his growing himself in us.

Bless you,

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