Divine Intervention

There's a child whose behavioral and learning problems are beyond anything I've experienced in the past decade. Will I be able to get through to this kid? Is improvement possible? What can I possibly do to catch this little one up to speed?

I was just sitting on my couch trying to figure out a battle plan when I came across this post from the Christian teacher blog Teach On Purpose:
Just got done praying for my kids. I can't even tell you how much this has changed the relational connection to my students. Nothing helps me put down my agenda, see them as real people, and treat them with the dignity and humanity they deserve like spending a minute or two praying through each class roster.

I'm not great at this and I often miss days, but just like every other meeting, prayer time is scheduled into my calendar. Every day my calendar pops up a to-do list during planning time, and at least 3 days each week, that list includes prayer. You know how long it takes to pray through 2 classes per day, mentioning each child by name? Somewhere around 2 minutes, and as packed as my schedule gets, 2 minutes is often the only manageable time I have to refocus, re-purpose, and rethink the people I serve.
Ah, yes. Of course there's something I can do. In the midst of all my modifications and differentiations, how did I forget the most important intervention of all?


Teach On Purpose said...

Hey thanks for the shout Angela! Hang in there!!! Thanks for all you do and all you share!

Saii said...

thank you for sharing this :)

I've been going thru the same :S

As a testimony : God answered my prayers this week !!!! I'm seeing a difference in those 3 kids


Z said...

Hi, Angela!

You and your student are in my thoughts and prayers.

There is an interesting thread that just started at teachers.net about reaching the toughest of the the toughest students. You might find it inspirational. It's at the MIDDLE SCHOOL chatboard.

Also, I have recently been studying out of the John Maxwell leadership bible as I have begun to understand more and more that teachers are leaders. (I switch back and forth between studying out of a bible with no commentary added, with Joyce Meyer's commentary added, and with Charles Stanley's commentary added.) Maxwell's leadership commentaries really gird me up!

Finally, I recently posted an excerpt from Dr. Henry Cloud's (Christian author of Boundaries) book "Integrity" at my blog about profiting from facing (leaning into) challenges/problems. You might find the excerpt (and even the book) insightful, though I'm sure you have enough to read as it is!

God bless and keep us posted!



Mary Anne said...

This was a great reminder!! I just started teaching in an urban school and I am quickly realizing that I cannot do it on my own!! I went to a workshop this week where your site was listed as a source for classroom library labels. I think God wanted me to find you as a source for inspiration for my new position.

Have a great week!!