Joyce Meyer's "Simplify Your Life" Tips for Teachers

I heart Joyce Meyer: you've probably heard me mention that I start every morning with her podcast, which I listen to on my laptop while getting dressed. Joyce has had a tremendously profound influence on my daily walk with the Lord, and she's helped me mature spiritually more than any other Bible teacher or pastor. The podcast I watched today spoke directly to teachers, so I thought I'd share it here with you.

After publishing her book 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life, Joyce presented a Viewer Question and Answer session. This video clip shows her response to an email from an overworked school teacher who felt she had no time for her spiritual life. Joyce's response is thought-provoking and touches on a wide range of issues: perfectionism, assuming more responsibilities than required, the effects of negative thinking (and how changing your perception changes your mood), and the common tendency to create stress by anticipating problems that haven't occurred.

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Here's a bonus 'simplify your life' tip from me: Do not attempt to trim down a video podcast to only the clip you want to play on your blog. Actually, skip converting the file type and embedding video in your blog altogether. While you're at it, just abandon the blog. There, now you've gained an extra three hours today that I lost! Hah! Just kidding, mostly. Now that I know how to edit podcasts in iMovie, I probably won't feel like stabbing myself in the eyeball next time around. Ahh, things are getting simpler here already...


Saii said...

thx for sharing this Ms. Powell :)
It made me think a lot !


p.s. it was weird to listen to her REAL voice ! I had watched only the spanish version :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I love listening to Biblical speakers and preachers. Here are a few that I suggest: Andy Stanley, John Piper, Beth Moore, and Mark Driscoll. They teach straight from Scripture. :)


Dorothy said...

This summer I began praying to be better organized and have a more balanced life as a teacher--spiritually, emotionally. I stumbled upon Ms. Powell's old website and her organizational tips under cleaning/storing/moving. I used them to prepare for a new school year. Her words gave me the courage to change and to throw "stuff" out!!! The Lord worked through Angela to help me simplify by unburdening myself of old ways--old clutter. I am still praying and am about to ditch some old, white computers that are taking up lots of space. I cannot wait to discover what else God has planned. My room looks so much better this year. Thanks be to God for using Angela!