Meditating on the Fruit of the Spirit

Part of my New Years resolution was to ask for (and receive in prayer) the fruit of the Spirit each morning. I've been very faithful with this, at least on workdays, and I think it's done a great deal to set the tone for my day. Instead of waking up and running through a mental list of everything I need to do, I recite Galations 5:22-23 and visualize myself embodying each of the nine attributes:

Feeling love toward my students because God loves them
Experiencing joy as I go through my daily tasks
Being at peace with my work situation even with all its faults
Demonstrating patience when my students are, ahem, a bit challenging
Showing kindness toward students even when they don't deserve it
Being an example of goodness in a sea of nasty and negative attitudes
Showing faithfulness toward my commitment to the little ones in my care
Choosing gentleness which turns away wrath (always a good thing)
Demonstrating self-control when I feel like being lazy

Meditating on this scripture probably takes around 30 seconds (which is about all I can spare, since I'm not an early-morning person and get up as late as possible). Maybe that's why I've been able to stick with it! The routine puts me in a good mood and gives me confidence that yes, I CAN handle whatever comes my way during the school day.


M-Squared Family said...

I've been following and reading your postings for the past couple of weeks. I'm a Kindergarten teacher and I find great encouragement and some wonderful, needed lessons from reading your posts. Thank-you so much.

Anonymous said...

I too am reading Galatians, needing the Holy Spirit to help me bear His fruit!!!!

Laurie said...

Thrilled to discover your blog!!!!

Matt Harmless said...

I love the way you put those things into a practical (classroom) application.