Letter from an inmate

A fifteen-year-old girl at the juvenile correctional facility I volunteer at wrote the sweetest two page letter this week. It's been not only an encouragement, but also a reminder of the kind of God we serve, and how amazing He really is. An excerpt, typed exactly as she wrote it:

Dear Volunteers,

...I must admit that you all as a whole portray a role-model that I too hope to be once released! I am so honored and deeply moved to know that so many people truly care about my life!! I assure you and re-assure you that I, just as you have, will make a difference in someone's life by spreading the word of God. :) I want you to know that your hard work has payed off and has been well spent. I honestly will never forget the gift you have presented me with. A loving, compassionate father and friend in which to trust and completely console in, and faith no matter what. I will be okay with God by my side! Someone who knows how to wipe my tears, take away my worries, all my doubts and disbeliefs, put a smile on my face all the while healing my pain! How could I EVER recieve a gift more precious than that?! The answer: I never could so I want to thank you all tremendously for your hope in not only me but us girls. You believed in us, prayed for us, knew that it wasn't too late for a change and you trust in God to put all of that into action!

Sincerely and God Bless,

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