Make me more and more like You

Lord, give me Your grace and compassion. Let my words be seasoned with love. Fill me with your patience. Break down my pride and show me that I am nothing without You, that I can't do anything without Your help and wisdom. Help me to see others as You do. Help me to discipline myself to put the needs of my students before my own, so that they are no longer intrusions on some idealistic goal I've created, but that I would see their imperfections and interruptions as part of Your plan, part of the challenge You've provided to make me more like You as I become an instrument of Your will. Take away my self-seeking agenda and keep my mind stayed on things above. Fill me with Your spirit, shine in me so brightly that the things of the world fade away, and all I can see is You.

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tiffany said...

thank you for posting this! It spoke to me directly today as I have had several of my 2nd graders with chronic interrupting issues! your post humbled me...thank you! God bless you~