the ideal house

the ideal spouse

the ideal family

in perfect health

well-behaved students

in a well-run school

good compensation

parents approve

trustworthy friends

indulgence allowed

spending unlimited

loved ones are proud

What's lacking in your life? What faults do you resist? Would you truly be happy if there was nothing amiss?

Okay, I'll spare you my pitiful near-rhymes. But hopefully I've got you thinking about the things that prevent you from being happy. If something doesn't go your way, if the unexpected occurs, can you keep your joy? Or is it contingent upon your life following a predictable, comfortable pattern? This is the message that I've been praying over all week:

"Anything you think you need to be happy, the enemy can use against you."
-Joel Osteen

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OMG! I needed to read this. Thanks!