I don't know CAN'T

Have you taught your students that they shouldn't say the word can't? My colleague did last week. She had her kids write down all the things they "can't" do, and then ball the paper up and throw it in the garbage. They then re-wrote the sentences, saying, "I have trouble with __, but I'm getting better all the time!". She said they loved it, and it made a real difference in their self-confidence.

Tonight I watched Bishop Eddie Long on TV. He was talking about how we should never say can't when it comes to God. How often do we worry about things that 'couldn't possibly' happen, forgetting that God has already made a way...
The Bishop said, "I don't know can't" because I know the God who can. He said, "If I get a job clear across town, I won't say, 'I can't get all the way out there every day', because if God gave me that job, God's gotta pay for the gas! God knows what I need! I don't know can't!"

Sometimes we need a little more child-like faith to believe that we CAN...because HE CAN.

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