Stick to the Compass

"He who is slave to the compass, is master to the seas."

Huh? was my first thought when I heard that quote. It was a random, passing line I heard on TV.

But the more I thought about it, the more it resonated with me. When we are slaves to our teaching standards, we are masters of our instruction. Once you have memorized your grade level expectations and learned to keep your goals tightly focused on them, you are truly free to teach however your students learn best. If you keep to the compass--the pacing guide, the list of skills-- then you can navigate the world of instruction in those skills with as much creativity as you want. If the goal is telling time to the nearest minute, you can use dry erase boards, miniature clocks, worksheets, texts...whatever you want. You are master of your classroom.

Similarly, when we are slaves to Christ, we are masters over everything in our lives. There is no bondage. We can stick to what we know is true and unchanging in Jesus and navigate our way in the world freely, confident that we will never become lost when we follow the guidelines He provides. When we submit fully to what we know is true in God's compass for us--the Bible--we have immeasurable liberty.


Anonymous said...

Great, great, great post. You addressed what has been on my mind for days!!

Thank you!

PS - Just wanted to let you know that I say a little prayer for you whenever I receive one of your emails. :)

Marlene said...

I just found out that you had this other blog. I love it! I love the correlation you made between teaching and following Jesus. It is so true.