Project Roma

These beautiful words were posted to my guestbook on September 1:

I am so sad right now. I just wrote you a very long message, but your spam filter stopped it. I think it was because it was so long. Well, I'll try to just give you a short message this time. My family and I are missionaries in the country of Albania. My parents are doing church-planting among the Albanians, and I am working with another people group called Romas - more commonly known as Gypsies. The Romas are strongly discriminated against here, and not even allowed to attend school. The children have a hunger for learning, and begged me to open a school for them. Their parents were also enthusiactic about the idea. Although I have no teaching degree (I'm only 16), I have opened a school for these children. I have employed one Albanian certified teacher (he is teaching 25 girls first grade), and I a teaching preschool to about 15 girls myself. Our school is not registered with the state (the government doesn't care about educating Romas), so we don't need to have certified teachers. I am doing my best to teach the children important life skills as well as the basics of school subjects. I am hoping that after the school is going succesfully we will be able to get it registered and become a "real school". Anyway, your website was such a blessing to me! I was feeling rather indimidated, but your website has given me courage! School starts this Moday, so I needed that! I would really like to keep in touch with you, as it would be a great help to have a knowledgeable teacher to help out along the way. My website is and my e-mail is admin@projectroma.comThe website is slightly outdated, I am hoping to update is this week.Thanks again for your wonderful website!

You read correctly- Megan Mays is a 16 year old girl running a school in Romania as an outreach to the Roma (Gypsy) people! She has no teaching degree and no materials... but still manages to reach her students every day as God has called her to do! While I cannot officially validate this website or outreach, I believe the sincerity in this girl's heart, and I encourage you to check out the site for yourself to examine the photos and bios of the children in the school. Megan includes specific prayer requests for each girl and knowing that we are all lifting them up to the Lord would mean a lot to everyone involved in the project. I hope this information instills in you a sense of gratitude for your own teaching situation, however difficult it may be, and inspires you to ask the Lord what your role may be in supporting missions and other international outreaches. God bless you for your prayers and support!

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