Posts for the New School Year

Wow- is it really that time of year again?! I have several devotion inspirations that I want to post in the next two weeks to share attitudes and actions that I want to put into practice this year. Until then, I thought I'd re-post links to the devotions I wrote at the start of the last two school years, which are still accessible under the monthly archives but not easy to find by title alone. I hope you find them inspiring and motivational as you gear up for a new beginning!

"Oh, No, You Got HIM In Your Class?" addresses the problems that come from 'helpful' warnings from co-workers and the importance of giving everyone, including yourself, a clean, fresh start.

"Who's In Charge Here?" includes a Classroom Dedication Prayer to help you turn everything that happens in your class over to the Lord this year.


CandyandLadybugs said...

Hello! I found you through my online program that I'm doing for my master's in Reading. I love all of your sites! I am inspired by your Faith and enjoy reading your devotions. How great to have devotions that are aimed at teachers. Thank you so much!

Mrs. Dahl said...

Thanks so much for a devotional for teachers. I really needed it and yours was easy to find. I also love your teacher site too. Its so easy for teachers to get caught up in our classrooms and leave "God" out of the equation, when He should be the foundation of our classroom before we even start off the year. Your prayers and bible verses you have chosen are very inspiring. God Bless you in your new school year !