Is your answer ready?

“How do you know?”. This is a question my students learn early on that they’re going to hear over and over, and the child I’ve called upon shifts his gaze up to the ceiling as he thinks. I give him a moment and then encourage him: “Your answer is right- tell us how you figured it out. How do you know it’s correct?”. Slowly, the student begins to explain the addition problem he solved- he knew the answer was 2,654 because he added the digits in the one’s place first, carried over to the tens place, added the tens, added the hundreds, carried to the thousands, and finally added the thousands. It’s remarkably complicated to explain something that we take for granted as being so basic, and it took awhile for the student to find the right words, but he got it!

It’s much easier for our students to do something than to explain the process of arriving at the answer, which is why it’s so important to have them do both. If you can’t prove you know something, do you really know it?

Most born-again Christians feel confident in their salvation. If asked, they could confirm that they believed in Jesus. But many aren’t able to tell how they know Jesus- the process of inviting Him into your heart, accepting his death on the cross as payment for sin, and surrendering one’s life to Him. Some statistics show that only 5% of Christians ever share their faith with non-believers. I have to wonder how many of them just aren’t confident in their knowledge: they know what they know, but they can’t explain it.

Some people get uncomfortable, thinking they’re supposed to go around preaching all the time with a bullhorn to everyone they meet, but that’s not the case at all. One part of evangelism is showing the gospel through our actions so that others can tell we are different. People will ask about the joy and peace you have, and Jesus commanded us to have a ready answer for them at all times. We should be prepared to share the gospel at any time. It’s not enough to be secure in our own salvation- we need to have the words to explain what we know to others, and the confidence to do so.

VERSE TO REMEMBER: But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect. (I Peter 3:15, NIV).

READ: The good news is that the God promises to give us the words we need! He reminds us, "… don't worry about what to say in your defense, for the Holy Spirit will teach you what needs to be said even as you are standing there." (Luke 12:11-12 NLT). Read more about sharing your faith through the links below.

PRAY: Lord, thank you for the gift of salvation and the security that comes from knowing that my life both here on earth and in eternity is in Your hands. Prepare me to share your truths with others so that they can experience the same blessings and peace I have. Prepare me to share Your love- bring me the resources that I will need so that I can have a ready answer for any one who asks. Present me with an opportunity this week to talk to someone about You. Let Your Holy Spirit intercede for me and give me just the right words that the person needs to hear. Thank you for the confidence that comes with knowing You are always with me.

CHALLENGE: God challenged me this week to learn the Roman Road, a well-established, easy to remember method for sharing the gospel message. There are just three to seven verses (depending on the version) to memorize for it, so hopefully I'll be able to discipline myself enough to sit down and learn them!! Ask God to use you this week, tomorrow, or even today to share His love with someone. You might not spell out the gospel message, but maybe you’ll get a chance to invite someone to church, or just to tell them about some way that God is blessing you in your life right now. Let God prepare you to meet the spiritual needs of the people he brings into your life.

Ready-Answer Resources

Obviously I haven’t read everything on all of these sites, and I don’t take responsibility for the validity of the viewpoints expressed on them. As with everything,
test what you read against scripture that you may be equipped for every good work.

* Want to share the gospel with a friend online? Check out this site and email them the link to a
digitized, interactive presentation of the gospel message (‘Digi-Tracts’) with awesome graphics and music.

7 Questions Skeptics Ask when Christians share the gospel- with concise, practical answers.

* Already sharing the gospel and ready to take it to the next level? Try a
7-Day Evangelism Prayer Focus.

*Use what God has done in your life to bring others to Him- share your testimony. How to share your testimony in 3 minutes (with scripture references).

* The best evangelism training I ever received was Conversational evangelism in a Dave Geisler workshop. He’s got the whole Power Point presentation available for you to view for FREE online. I love his emphasis on evangelism as a process, not a one-time event, and how he rightly describes our responsibility (to share the message) versus God's (to save souls)- we don't save anyone, God does, and our job is just to plant the seeds so God can work. This takes the pressure off of you and frees you to let God show His power. I promise you will never look at the Great Commission the same after seeing it.

Still scared?

Are there other internet resources that have helped you understand or share your faith?

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