Free scripture cards to encourage and inspire

Here's a new (free) product I've put on TeachersPayTeachers just in time for the new year! Each card in this set features a different Bible verse. I've carefully selected every scripture that is included: they are verses that have been particularly inspirational and uplifting to me in my work as a teacher. 

My personal goal is to meditate on one of these verses each day, and by making the cards available to you, I'm hoping the cards will serve as a memorization tool for you, as well.

I've also made a full set of daily scripture cards which can serve as a calendar to help you track the days of school and receive a fresh word of Biblical encouragement on a daily basis.


Love conquers fear

I love this story.

I love that God is doing something beautiful in the aftermath of tragedy.

I love the confirmation that love conquers fear, that pain can ultimately strengthen our faith, and that our great God truly works ALL things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

(video embedded below)


More problems, more power

I've been reading the devotional Jesus Calling by Sarah Young for the past six months or so and am always amazed at how clearly the Lord speaks to me through it on a daily basis. However, there's a message He laid on my heart in the November 11th devotional that has resonated especially strongly. For me, it's been life changing, and I want to share a portion of it with you here:


What it means to be more than conquerors

I'm in a phase of life right now in which a lot of really important things are riding on the decisions of someone else. The biggest of those stressors has been applying for a home loan (I actually have so many wonderful things to say on the home front topic--more on that soon.) My husband and I went through an arduous three and a half weeks of submitting document after document to the bank on a daily basis, only to be asked to submit even more. Then our closing date was pushed back, prolonging the process yet again.

For almost an entire month, I was anxiously watching my phone every single minute, waiting for it to ring with good news from our bank, only to be told there was still more paperwork needed. It was hard to believe that something as important as where we make our home and God-willing raise our children could be resting in the hands of total strangers. 


Encouraging Teachers: a new private Facebook group

encouraging teachersAt the end of July, we wrapped up the first online book club for Awakened: Change Your Mindset to Transform Your Teaching and the THIRD online Bible study for the Awakened Devotional. Amazing, right? Over the course of the last two years, over 2,000 teachers have signed up for the studies and participated in some way. It's been an incredible experience, and now we're all wondering...what do we do for this fall?

I want to try something different. It's very difficult for many teachers to keep up with a Bible study during the school year. And the teachers who have already completed the study need some kind of ongoing reinforcement throughout the school year to help them remember and apply the things they've learned. Reading and commenting on another blog is just one more thing to check off the to-do list. But Facebook? Well, that's a place that many of us are already visiting on a regular if not daily basis and enjoy posting to informally.