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Making time for what matters most: how do you align your lifestyle with your priorities?

I think all of us struggle with spending the right amount of time on the right things. But how exactly is that supposed to work, from a practical perspective?

Maybe your priority list looks something like this:
  1. God
  2. Spouse
  3. Kids
  4. Work/Self
How should that play out in your life? Does that mean that you should be spending more hours in a day studying the Bible than spending time with your spouse and kids? Does it mean that if you spend 8 hours a day working, all the other priorities in your life should be getting more than 8 hours a day?

Create Your Dream Classroom: Book Review and Giveaway

If you aren’t reading Linda Kardamis’ blog Teach 4 the Heart, you are missing out! She consistently shares encouraging and practical messages that speak to issues teachers face in the classroom everyday. When Linda informed me that she had published her first book, Create Your Dream Classroom, I was so excited to check it out and review it here for you all.

The format of the book is unique. Create Your Dream Classroom is not a comprehensive, step-by-step guide (after all, each person's vision for their classroom is different.) Rather, it’s a collection of 54 brief lessons around various aspects of saving your sanity, escaping the rut, and sharpening your skills as a teacher. Linda touches on everything from understanding people's various world views to friending students and parents on Facebook to time saving tips to getting kids to participate in class.

The flow of living water: make summer an adventure!

Have you ever wondered why the Dead Sea is considered dead? Unlike other fresh water bodies, water is only flowing into the Dead Sea, not out of it. Water (and all the minerals within it) flow in from the Jordan River and then become trapped, with no way to flow out. This is one of the reasons why the water is too salty to sustain life.

Christians are the salt of the earth (Matt 5:13), but we can’t keep all our salt to ourselves. And we cannot allow knowledge and wisdom to flow into us and not back out into the lives of people around us.

The online Bible study for teachers begins July 1st!

Last summer, hundreds of educators participated in the Awakened Devotional Bible Study for Christian Educators. We had a beautifully diverse group of participants from all over the world sharing their struggles, victories, and prayer requests, and I thank God for that. I am especially grateful for the small core group of people who commented faithfully and worked to build a sense of community and fellowship as they offered to pray for one another and followed up on each others' prayer requests. I feel very blessed to have learned from these wonderful teachers' experiences and the stories they shared about what God was revealing to them.

We're about to kick off another intense, month-long study in July with the goal being transformational change and a renewed mind and spirit for the fall...and I hope you'll join us!